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Self-portrait-watercolor, 1974

Welcome to the Heberling Gallery web site. Here you can view hundreds of photos of artist Glen Heberling’s works, created between the mid-1930’s and his passing in 2002.

We’ve organized the images into a number of categories so that you can browse the genres that interest you most. All images are titled and in most cases include the creation date, medium and whether or not it has been sold. As you will see, Heberling was an incredibly prolific, versatile artist with a mastery of several mediums in many genres. Many of the artist's works are available as prints at very reasonable prices from Fine Art America, and for the serious collector, originals are also for sale from us. Just email us and ask for a quote for the painting(s) that interest you most. (Note that a majority of original paintings have custom frames, but we have cropped the photos to show only the images). Digital downloads (jpeg's) are also available for your screen saver or photo collection. Just click on the download button when you come upon a painting in the gallery that has the option and it will be added to your shopping bag. Feel free to contact us with your questions & feedback about this site.

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Click on the mural painting below to see the preliminary sketches and planning that went into this 5' x 13' mural commisioned in 1949 by the Highland Falls HS Alumni Committee and which still hangs in what is now the middle school in Highland Falls, NY.

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This painting commemorates the heroic acts and self-sacrifice of former members of HFHS. A symbolic figure, "Valor" embodying the spirit of the departed stands triumphant over the prostrated form of Mars, the God of War.

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